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Name of ProductBenefits of the productSource of the information
Fennel SeedsExcellent Anti-oxidant Value Excellent Dietary Fibre. Helps reduce LDL Cholesterol level. It’s a storehouse of Vitamin A, E, C and B-Complex.
ClovesRelives toothache, Helps reduce inflammation of muscles helping Arthritis and Rheumatism.
CinnamonLoaded with Medicinal properties and Antioxidants. It has Anti-inflammatory properties. Improves sensitivity to Insulin. Lowers blood sugar levels and has powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect. Has beneficial effect in brain cell diseases. Helps fight Bacterial and fungal infection.
CoconutContains Fatty Acids with Powerful medicinal properties. Kills harmful Microorganisms. Fatty acids turn into Ketones which reduce seizures. Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels. Protects Hair. Boosts brain function.
Mulethi (Liquorice)Anti-Microbial, Anti-Inflamatory, Improves Immunity, Improves Memory, Protects Liver, Aids Digestion, Regulates Hormones, Promotes a Healthy Heart.
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